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Cruising Venus

When I was little, I disappeared into my imagination. Lost in my own world, I often didn't hear my parents trying to get my attention. My dad called the phenomenon, "Cruising Venus." I still cruise Venus, but, now, I call it "writing." And, I get paid for it! 

Standard Stuff 

I wear many hats as most stay-at-home moms do. I'm an active church member--teaching, leading women's ministry, and, right now, managing social media for my congregation. I'm also a homeschool mama with a married son (Tech) and an elementary-age son (Peck). To add to my bustling life, I lend a hand to my aging mother. Oh yeah, my husband of thirty years needs attention, too.

Writing Stuff

In second grade, I wrote my first short story about a magic rose causing chaos in the classroom. In high school, my fascination with the weird, creepy, and unexplained continued. My writing teacher Joyce Blaylock even described one of my short stories as "deliciously evil." After college, life and homeschooling interrupted my writing.
I didn't pick up the pen again until my mid-thirties. Now, faith and family join "weird" for inspiration.  As a result I have a bit of writing ADHD. I hop from one subject and style to another. Stories and blogs line up in my head like shoppers on Black Friday. That's why my readers get a bit of everything from formal essays to science fiction to reimagined Bible accounts.

Random Stuff

1) I rock at Radio Roulette. Whenever the dial lands on a station, I know the chorus and, often, the lyrics of the song playing.
2) I don't enjoy hot drinks. I'll even let hot chocolate sit until it's room temperature. Instead of a coffee problem, I have a Coca Cola problem. I love the feel of a cold can in my hand, the hiss of a popped top, and the burn in the back of my throat. 
3) I've been described as a sleep bully by a few people--my husband, my children, my parents, my siblings, friends, neighbors. They tell me I can be quite rude if I'm trying to fall asleep or in the middle of sleep or waking up or in any sleep-related state, such as under anesthesia. I'm pretty sure they're the bullies. I mean, why are they bothering a sleeping person in the first place?  
4) I love all of God's critters, except eight-legged ones (I'm pretty sure they came after the fall of man). My husband says a dog and two cats are enough pets. I'm not convinced he's right.