Escape the Amoz

Pride turns to anguish as fourteen-year-old Caleb GoodArcher watches his father’s unjust arrest.

On that horrible day, Caleb is confronted with the true oppressive nature of the relationship between the technologically-superior Amoz and his people, the Kinz. During the next three years, the Amoz grip tightens as the planet drifts out of its orbit. Dooming it, and its inhabitants, to a never-ending winter.

The mysterious OneCorp offers an escape, but Caleb has to deliver his people from the Amoz first. He struggles to free the Kinz while fighting opposition from within his own community. Who would follow a criminal’s son? With his best friends, his family, and some sympathetic Amoz, Caleb fights for the lives of all the Kinz. 

Caleb needs to rescue his people from their dying planet--but they have to escape the Amoz first.

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Classic literary analysis applied to a modern novel. Theme, conflict, imagery and so much more can be found in this science fiction book about aliens, lasers, and flying cars. There are no tears in literature. Find a book your child wants to read (like Amoz), and the education will follow. 

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Praise for Escape the Amoz

Retelling of a Favorite Bible Story that's Fun for Everyone- 5 Stars
M. Hughes

I purchased this because I love retold Bible stories, especially with a sci-fi twist. This one did not disappoint. It started off interesting: the boy Caleb's faith in the Amoz people seems absolute, but in the course of a day he realizes he has believed a lie for his entire life, as he sees his father arrested for a manufactured crime. As if this enormous tectonic shift isn't enough, soon after, he discovers there's someone or something else out there who has great plans for his people, the Kinz. The catch is, he's the one to carry out the plan, and he's just a boy. Who will listen to a boy--especially the son of a criminal?

By the end of the book, I was grinning broadly...until I got to the last page and there weren't anymore! No, it's not a cliffhanger ending; I just wanted the story to continue. I hope someday it will. This is a fun book for both adolescents and adults.

SCi Fi with Biblical Back Story for the Win- 5 Stars
Mike Flodin

The world and peoples created by Nancy Jo Wilson in this book are full of color, imagery and detail. Caleb Goodarcher is the hero of this tale and you won't find him hard to like. He is ernest yet innocent, young but wise. His character grows to adulthood against the backdrop of a people who are enslaved yet unaware of the liberty that awaits them if they choose to trust Caleb. The book reads fast and well. I read it in one sitting, which took several hours but was worth every minute. I think any age group would be appropriate for this book but it will probably resonate well with young adult and high school readers. I can't wait to see what else this author brings to life!!

My son and I both enjoyed this engaging book full of fascinating characters- 5 Stars
Anna L

My son and I both enjoyed this engaging book full of fascinating characters and timeless themes. It was creative, entertaining, and interesting. Well done Nancy! I highly recommend this book. 

 Wonderful Read!5 Stars
Mrs. G

I love Nancy's style of writing. Her attention to detail captures the reader and transports him/her to Caleb's world. I am not one who enjoys sci-fi, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Escape the Amoz- 5 Stars
Tamara S.

Love, love, love this story! It's a super sci-fi read! Nancy has created a beautiful world that is rich in detail, color and texture. The people groups are both captivating and endearing. However, the heart of this story is, Caleb GoodArcher. I suspect you will miss him when the last word has been read. His story will leave you with a sense of wonder at how the life of this fictional character and the difficult choices he makes in the midst of life-altering change, so echo and influence your own.

Escape the Amoz is a great story to read to your young ones, for your teens or on your own. A thought provoking study guide is also available. Without a doubt this story is an enjoyable experience for all ages!

 Great read- 5 Stars

This was a really good story. The characters were interesting and varied. The setting was unusual and the premise thought provoking.

 Fantastic read as always!5 Stars
J. Holland

Nancy Jo knocked it out the park once again! She pulls you in and makes you feel a part of the story. Her characters are relatable and tickle your imagination to life.

 Couldn't put it down!4 Stars

I truly enjoyed the imagery in this book and the underlying themes. I couldn't put it down and spent an entire night reading the book. Can't wait for more from Nancy Jo Wilson!!